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Delegates and Faculty Advisors:

It is our pleasure to invite you to the 15th annual session of the Miami University Model United Nations Conference (MUMUNC 2023). This conference will be held March 11-12, 2023. We are excited to host MUMUNC for yet another year and hope this will be one of the best conferences yet! MUMUNC has traditionally given opportunities to both the practiced delegate and those looking to gain more experience.

Our conference prides itself on being a small and welcoming environment where delegates can develop their public speaking skills as well as investigate global issues, both past and present. Each year, we are pleased to present top-notch keynote speakers, dynamic General Assembly and Crisis-style committees, and unique experiential educational experiences for high school students.

We will offer a supplementary training session before the conference begins to introduce parliamentary procedure and the process of writing resolution papers while reviewing other techniques for delegate success during the conference. This session will be optional but is highly recommended, especially for those who are less familiar with Model UN or have not attended a conference for an extended period of time.

Registration is now open and background guides will be available in late January or early February. Whether this is your first year attending or your fourth, welcome to MUMUNC 2023!


Hanna Ballard

Secretary-General of MUMUNC XV

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